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Kohlrabi soup
This vegetable soup will seem a little strange to non-Easter Europe nations, where soups, if any, are eaten, these will be cream-soups. Fortunately ingredients and procedures can be adapted to the needs of each household and this is a recipe not to be missed by any cook. Read more...
Risotto rice with mushroom
A very filling one-course dish bound to raise the attention of the gourmet. It's not difficult to cook... Read more...
Filled eggplant
This recipe is very good for further improving your cooking skills and for satisfying your family's needs Read more...
Fried liver with onion
There are many ways to serve fresh liver, and this is one of the tastiest methods of cooking it. Read more...
Aromatic potato cream soup
This soup with its creamy texture and rich taste is both easy to digest and a pleasure to eat for all the family. Read more...
Rice with carrots
If you want a quick dish for a nice dinner, you should try this Read more...
Potato soup
It is one of the most popular soups in central and eastern Europe, not much like the cream-soups that are widespread in western Europe. This is one reason for giving it a try Read more...
This is one of the oldest dishes which has many variations and is usually prepared on a grill. Read more...
Summer salad with potato
This is a refreshing dish for the hot summer days or just whenever you feel like having something light and filling Read more...
Pancakes filled with ham and mushrooms
Whether you are expecting guests or you are having a family dinner, this dish will be enjoyed by all. Read more...
Letcho with eggs
A tasty dish for any occasion
Pasta with basil
This pasta contains a considerable amount of cheese and pasta with cheese is an unfailing combination. Read more...
Chicken soup
This soup is best eaten with noodles, but the recipe also shows how to make stock naturally. Read more...
Eggplant salad
This might be an unusual way of preparing eggplants, although it is widespread in the middle and eastern European countries. Read more...
Ham-filled cookies
Ham, mushroom or tomato filled cookies will be the family's favourites if we spend the time to bake them. But the well-deserved reward will be a smile or a praise which is worth the effort. Read more...
Cottage cheese with paprika
A delicious spread extremely easy to prepare. For the delight of the whole family... Read more...
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