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Walnut cookies
Nowadays we live the renaissance of home-made dishes. Try these cookies which besides being healthy, remind us of our grandmothers' home-made cookies. Read more...
Jam cake
Although it is very easy to bake, any cook would be proud to have it on their dinner table on holidays Read more...
Pancake gateaux
It cannot be simpler, yet it's tasty and tempting Read more...
Crescent roll cake
Do you love crescent rolls? Here's a desert for you, where you can eat it with your favourite jam in a delicious cake. Read more...
Cheese balls with flap mushrooms
Try this very fresh appetizer, if you like the taste of the flap mushroom. If you haven't tried it, now it's the time Read more...
Home-made chocolate
Home-made chocolate is tasty, very easy to prepare and above all: you are aware of everything it contains. Read more...
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