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About Gustoscope

Our webpage was launched in 2010 based on the idea that a smart chef always comes in useful in the household.
The name of the website Gustoscope comes from: gustus (Latin for taste) and kaleidoscope, the combination of the two words expresses exactly what we want to suggest. A kaleidoscope always shows something new, just like the variety of new tastes that are presented on the webpage.
Planning and executing this page was hard work and took a long time because we ourselves did the programing background as well as the content editing and translating. After considering a large number of ideas we decided to use and to publish on the website only those recipes which have been tried out and photographed by us. Thus we want to join the I use my own photos movement.
They advise against taking and using something that belongs to another. We try to follow that principle and do our best so that everything on our webpage should be original and completely ours.
We would like to thank Five Tailors designer team for their magnificent work and for the fact that they met the challenge of our - most unusual - requests.
We also thank to Joe Lencioni for his great script that made possible for our registered guests to view the webpage on full screen for all types of screen resolutions from the lowest to the highest.

The members of the Gustoscope team are:
     Judit : cooking, taking photos, translating, editing
     Zsolti: webpage programming, article editing, cooking, taking photos.

We would like to thank our families for their support and for the many recipes and ideas they have provided for us.

Best wishes,
the Gustoscope team
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