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We inform our Visitors that all personal data provided when registering on our Website and the various activities (comments, settings) will be recorded. When you signs in you become a User and you must provide the following data: first name, last name, nickname and email address. When you make a comment, your nickname will be displayed, the rest of your personal data will be in strict confidence. Your email address is used to provide you with news, newsletters or any other information about the use of our Website.

The Users can inquire about the use of that data and can request modification or deletion of these data.

Copyright policy

By visiting our Website, the Visitors agree that the content and any part of the Website is under copyright protection. The copyright belongs exclusively to the Website Operators.

The Users as Authors (who provide new recipes, articles) agree that the copyright for the Creative Work posted on the Website should be transferred to the Website Operators and thus enable the latter part to use, and exploit it. The Author also empowers the Website Operator, or any other party whom the Website Operators authorize, to make unlimited use of the Creative Work and withdraws any claims to financial or any other kind of rewards that proceed from posting the Creative Work on the Website.
The Author specifically disclaims any legal or financial rights related or associated with the further using, marketing or transferring of the Creative Works' copyright by the Website Operators.

If the Visitor wishes to post data from our Website on their website, they must do as follows: take over the title and the short description of the recipe or article wholly and unaltered, leave out the images and place a hyperlink (direct link) to the complete recipe or article on our Website in the title or under the short description.

It is strictly forbidden to use, reproduce, transfer or disseminate in any way the images posted on the Website. The content of the Website or certain parts of it can be saved on the hard disk or can be printed – only for personal use – but still the Visitor is not entitled to further use, disseminate, store, make available for download, put on the market any parts of the Website content.

In case the User disregards the rules regarding the use and storage of the Website content, they infringe copyrights and bear the legal consequences. Moreover, any actions that cross the restrictions set for Visitors and Users must have the written consent from the Website Operators beforehand.


We take full responsibility only for those content items that are written and edited by the Website Operators. We reserve the right to delete any comments that bring prejudices to personal, national or minority rights or those which are obscene, vulgar, indecent or offensive having a purpose in itself, as soon as we notice them. We moderate the comments, although it is possible that we miss one or two minor offenses. If you observe any offensive comments, please notify us on the Contact us page.
The Website Operators don't assume responsibility for the comments posted by the Users, the full responsibility for the comment belongs to the User who posted it.
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