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Fried eggplant with ham and cheese
Tasty eggplant covered with cheese and ham and crumbs, it's all you need as a snack Read more...
Traditionally Romanian, this snack recipe has been passed from generation to generation. Now you have the opportunity to try this recipe and enjoy it with your family members. Read more...
Layered eggplant
This dish is surprisingly filling, but this was a new way of preparing it for me, and I recommend it with all my heart Read more...
Grilled eggplant for winter
If you want to have eggplants for salad any time of the year, try this recipe. Read more...
Eggplant salad
This might be an unusual way of preparing eggplants, although it is widespread in the middle and eastern European countries. Read more...
Filled eggplant
This recipe is very good for further improving your cooking skills and for satisfying your family's needs Read more...
Aromatic eggpalnt
It's a very filling dish which doesn't spare the calories, but is worth trying. When you taste it, you will discover a new world of flavors. Read more...
This is one of the oldest dishes which has many variations and is usually prepared on a grill. Read more...
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