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Eggplant salad

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06 July 2011
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Amounts for servings:
2 pieces of eggplant
0.5 pieces of onion
50 mililiters sunflower-oil
1 spoon of vinegar
1 spoon of mustard sauce
1 piece of egg yolk
Easy Easy Easy
Preparation time: 15 minutes
Cooking time: 30 minutes
Nutritional Information (one serving):
215 cal
Omega 3
293 mg
Omega 6
12332 mg
Vit. A
4 IU
Vit. B9
4 mcg
Vit. C
1 mg
Vit. E
4 mg
Vit. K
1 mcg
13 mg
4 mg
Recipe tips
1. In some regions people season the salad with sour cream and garlic (instead of onion).
2. Instead of vinegar you can add lemon juice.
1. Wash and dry the eggplants, then grill or broil in the oven, until the core is well done. Then peel and mince (cut in small pieces) the core with a stainless or ceramic knife. The smaller the pieces are the softer the salad will be.

2. Then prepare the home-made mayonnaise. Mix the egg yolk with 1 spoon of mustard sauce and gradually add small amounts of oil. Mix well each time you add the oil. Don't pour too much oil at a time because you'll spoil the mayonnaise. You can add more than 50 milliliters of oil if you want more mayonnaise into the salad.

3. When ready, add the mayonnaise to the crushed eggplants and season with crushed onions, salt and vinegar.

4. Spread on fresh bread and serve with tomato salad.

Eggplant salad without mayonnaise.
Prepare 3 eggplants with the procedure described in the recipe. Then add salt, crushed onion and gradually add the oil. Stir very well each time you add oil, until the salad becomes foamy. Season with vinegar or lemon juice.
Serve the same way.
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