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31 March 2010
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First we heat the fat, butter or oil, then add the flour. While stirring we heat both until frying. By frying, the flour loses its raw aroma and gets a specific taste. This provides a particular flavour to the cooked food. When the flour is hot we add cold water (if we prepare cold roux, we add hot water). Water is added gradually and it's important to stir continuously to prevent the roux from becoming lumpy.

Roux can be thin or thick, more fatty or less fatty. It can also be prepared without fat. In this case the flour is dry fried, then we cool it by adding cold water. This is used for diet kitchen.

Sometimes we add spices to the roux. These must be added at the end of the frying process, because long frying can cause their loss of flavour.

We can add sugar to the roux. It will enhance the caramel-like taste and colour of the roux. Sugar will be added at the end of the frying process and it mustn't be overburnt.

Roux can be:
Beige, when flour is fried in butter or fat only until it gets a whitish colour. It is used for bechamel sauces and cream soups.
Pale golden, when flour is fried until it gets a pale golden colour and a specific taste. Pay attention not to overfry the flour, because it can give a completely different taste to the dish. It is used for soups, vegetable dishes, tomato dishes and different sauces.
Deep golden brown, when flour is fried for a longer time (a few more minutes) until brown. It has a characteristic taste and a brownish colour which will be added to the dish. It is used for roux soups, onion sauces and brown sauces.

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