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Leg of chicken with steamed vegetables

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13 June 2011
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Amounts for servings:
3 pieces of tomato
2 pieces of onion
2 pieces of Hungarian pepper
4 pieces of potatoes
1 piece of bell pepper
2 spoons of sunflower-oil
10 grams salt
2 bits of basil
2 bits of rosemary
200 mililiters sour cream
Easy Easy Easy
Preparation time: 30 minutes
Cooking time: 30 minutes
Nutritional Information (one serving):
77 cal
Omega 3
113 mg
Omega 6
2740 mg
Vit. A
162 IU
Vit. B9
23 mcg
Vit. C
6 mg
Vit. E
1 mg
74 mg
2 mg
15 mg
1 mcg
1. Cut the thigh along the bone to make it easier to fry. Season with salt, pepper, rosemary and sprinkle with oil. Let it stay marinated for one hour.

2. Heat the oil and fry the chicken on both sides, until well done. Take it out, soak up with a kitchen roll and keep warm.

3. Peel the onions, the potatoes and the tomatoes. Then cut all the vegetables except the potatoes in small cubes. Put them into an unglazed ceramic vessel or a heat resistant dish. Cut the tomatoes into bigger cubes and add them to the dish. Add salt, freshly ground black pepper and ground basil.

4. Put the dish into the oven (180 grades Celsius) and when almost ready, add the sour cream. It should be ready in 30 minutes overall.

5. Serve the fried chicken with the vegetable garnish.

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