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Meat balls

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08 June 2011
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Amounts for servings:
2 pieces of egg
3 gloves of garlic
5 grams salt
10 grams paprika
200 grams breadcrumbs
500 grams minced meat
200 mililiters sunflower-oil
Easy Easy Easy
Preparation time: 20 minutes
Cooking time: 25 minutes
Nutritional Information (one serving):
704 cal
Omega 3
515 mg
Omega 6
19005 mg
Vit. A
1001 IU
Vit. B9
51 mcg
Vit. C
2 mg
Vit. D
Vit. E
5 mg
Vit. K
4 mcg
77 mg
4 mg
32 mg
158 mg
Recipe tips
For a fuller texture you can add one or two smaller potatoes grated on the small hole of the grater.
1. Put the minced meat in a bowl and add the eggs, salt, pepper, paprika and spice mixture. Add the breadcrumbs and the crushed garlic. Mix very well.

2. With wet hands take small amounts of meat mixture and shape into balls.

3. In a pan pour plenty of oil and carefully put in the meat balls.

4. When done on one side, turn them on the other side. Bigger meat balls should be left more time to fry. Don't let them burn, when the oil is hot, turn on low heat.

5. Dry the meat balls on kitchen rolls and serve with mashed potato or pasta and tomato.

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