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Shanghai chicken
The aromatic chicken will conquer your heart and your taste buds Read more...
Mushrooms with egg
Easy and tasty, it's always an option
Pancakes filled with ham and mushrooms
Whether you are expecting guests or you are having a family dinner, this dish will be enjoyed by all. Read more...
Mushroom soup
Those who love mushrooms will enjoy this delicate combination of salty, sour and sweet. Read more...
Tomato soup
Tomato soup, when you need something light and quick Read more...
Pancakes filled with ham
It can serve as a quick lunch or as a snack and it doesn't take much time to prepare Read more...
Rice with carrots
If you want a quick dish for a nice dinner, you should try this Read more...
Green pea dish
Green peas are healthy to have as a one-course meal or as garnish for meats Read more...
Chicken soup
This soup is best eaten with noodles, but the recipe also shows how to make stock naturally. Read more...
Filled mushrooms
One day I wanted to eat some filled mushrooms and this is what I found. It was a great success. Read more...
Kohlrabi soup
This vegetable soup will seem a little strange to non-Easter Europe nations, where soups, if any, are eaten, these will be cream-soups. Fortunately ingredients and procedures can be adapted to the needs of each household and this is a recipe not to be missed by any cook. Read more...
Light Dutch supper
Cauliflower is considered a typically Dutch vegetable. Nowadays it has spread all over the world, so if you want to prepare something different for the family, try this light Dutch meal. Read more...
Layered chickenbreast with mushroom sauce
Chicken breast with mushrooms is usually a certain combination, meant to guarantee the cook's success. This easy way of preparing the chicken will be enjoyed by the whole family. Read more...
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