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Gustoscope - Recipes: Recipe of the day
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Recipe of the day

Today's recipes are:
Aromatic chicken with rosemary
Aromatic chicken in a rosemary bath with some yummy vegetables. Just taste it... Read more...
Schnitzel/Pork fillet fried in breadcrumbs
The Austrian schnitzel has many variations all over the world. This is one of the Transylvanian versions. Read more...
Cheese balls with flap mushrooms
Try this very fresh appetizer, if you like the taste of the flap mushroom. If you haven't tried it, now it's the time Read more...
Salty cheese cake
These tasty salty cookies are a healthy challenge for chips. You can serve them as packed lunch, as snack or as appetizer. Read more...
Tomato juice
Good for the winter and a tasty refresher too... Read more...
Ham-filled cookies
Ham, mushroom or tomato filled cookies will be the family's favourites if we spend the time to bake them. But the well-deserved reward will be a smile or a praise which is worth the effort. Read more...
Eggplant salad
This might be an unusual way of preparing eggplants, although it is widespread in the middle and eastern European countries. Read more...
Apple fantasy
If you are in need of a quick dessert and you have only a few ingredients, then you found the suitable recipe. Read more...
Homemade pimento condiment
This condiment is recommended for use in winter when it is harder to find organic food. It gives good taste to food and it is healthy. Read more...
When cold add the butter
It's a delicious cream for any kind of cake. Read more...
Quince soup
In the hot summer days it is good to have some refreshing fruit soup. Quince soup is an excellent option Read more...
Potato soup
It is one of the most popular soups in central and eastern Europe, not much like the cream-soups that are widespread in western Europe. This is one reason for giving it a try Read more...
Cold cucumber sauce
This sauce can be served with roasted, grilled meats, with schnitzels and sandwiches Read more...
Elderflower juice
This home-made, concentrated juice will bring a taste of spring in the cold winter days and will definitely be the delight of the whole family both children and grown-ups Read more...
Kohlrabi soup
This vegetable soup will seem a little strange to non-Easter Europe nations, where soups, if any, are eaten, these will be cream-soups. Fortunately ingredients and procedures can be adapted to the needs of each household and this is a recipe not to be missed by any cook. Read more...
Fried cheese with mashed potatoes and red cabbage
This makes a filling European style dinner for the whole family. Read more...
Salty pancakes
This is a base for filled pancake dishes
Fried dough
It's very easy to make and good to eat between meals Read more...
Salty cakes with cottage cheese
If you are a baking-type person, you must try this recipe. If not, you must try your hand at it. Read more...
Cheese and fruit cake
This recipe combines cheese with peaches or plums in a delicious dessert Read more...
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