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Gustoscope - Raisin
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Chocolate biscuit salami
A light dessert for cocoa lovers
Jam cake
Although it is very easy to bake, any cook would be proud to have it on their dinner table on holidays Read more...
Crescent roll cake
Do you love crescent rolls? Here's a desert for you, where you can eat it with your favourite jam in a delicious cake. Read more...
Semolina crumbs
A pudding worth for a king
Apple cake made of batter
It's hard to forget our mothers' and grandmothers' pancakes. This recipe brings back the sweet memory of this delicious dessert and it's very easy to prepare. Read more...
Oat flakes with fruits
Flakes are a very popular breakfast. But instead of buying them ready-made in the shop, try it home-made with a few added ingredients. Read more...
Cheese and fruit cake
This recipe combines cheese with peaches or plums in a delicious dessert Read more...
Easy cheese cake
If you love cottage cheese, you will adore this cake Read more...
Fruit cake
This is a very tasty and very beautiful cake and no butter needed for it. Read more...
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